Friday, May 19, 2006

Ummmm how often do I have a day where everything goes right?

Okay, moderately right, as I picked up the PA and the monitors were shot and there was only one mic stand. But I ran back to my apartment to grab a handstamp and my neighbor in the hall had a mic stand for me to borrow.

About forty people showed up for Rose Melberg. This is an excellent turn out where she gets money and I don't lose any as the promoter.

Happy Birthday to Neal of the Snow Fairies, who just happens to share a birthday with Dennis Driscoll. So I passed my cell phone around at the show and he got birthday wishes from Dennis, Charles, and even a Happy Birthday duet from Lois and Rose. "I love indiepop" was his indiepop-list post conclusion. Yes, Neal, I love indiepop too.

Ummmm after cleaning up from the show Seth, Josh, and I went to the BroHo for Tic Tacs (which differ from this recipie, but I'm not sharing ours.) So now I'm happy on Tic Tacs. And I came home and found Ross Beach posted this really nice tour diary about crashing at my place. It was an honor.

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