Friday, August 24, 2007


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Athens Popfest 2007: Preview

Yes tomorrow I head on down to Athens for the annual Happy Happy Birthday To Me Popfest. I'm really looking forward to seeing Tullycraft on Friday. I know I just saw them in February, but being so far away from Washington I really really really miss them.

There aren't too many bands playing this year that I haven't seen before, but I'm especially looking forward to Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies . I'm very sad my friend the librarian Robin is no longer with the group, but today at work I found out our health insurance consultant Alex IS! I gave him this bit of advice for Athens, so if you're heading down there, get psyched for this: "If you can manage to sleep from 6AM til noon you will not miss anything".

Also, Casper and the Cookies are backing Daniel Johnston on Saturday night.

See, it is SO worth braving GEORGIA in AUGUST

Gotta pack!