Monday, February 25, 2008

Go Olympia!
While it is awesome that Kimya Dawson is getting so much attention for Juno, ex-Mocket member (and I'm pretty sure she worked at K) Audrey Marrs also gets kudos for being one of four producers of the documentary "No End in Sight".

Saw the Magnetic Fields last night for about the 8th time (catching the last song at a show and seeing Stephin solo count for .5 performances, maybe rounded out by seeing Claudia at a book reading this summer). Why do I keep returning as the price of a ticket has gone from free (Princeton University, May 5 1996) to $40+ including service charges (Town Hall, New York City, February 24 2008). I'm slightly amazed at how many bands are falling into the "bands I've loved for over ten years" category.

Including, Lois, who will be opening for someone somewhere in NYC come early April...I don't think this is any more public than my blog, so maybe I'll make the announcement after I tell the indiepop-list