Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hey, this was on Kimya Dawson's MySpace blog and she gave me permission to repost it here:

"When we said yes to Conan I had TOTALLY forgotten about the writers' strike!!! It took a wise man named John Darnielle to email me and remind me.

Then I went and read THIS.

Then I emailed Rhino and Adam and told them I am not interested in crossing picket lines. Playing outside for those picketing, YES.

Walking past them and going on in which would be SUCH a snub with a big old implied "eff you guys- this is our big chance to do something I feel pretty weird about doing in the first place". So not worth it.

I guess now I wait for Adam and the Rhinos to write back and see what they say.

Oh, and...I have been up all night. I learned the hard way not to take a double dose of Emergen-C before bed. And especially don't give a sip to the baby.

Straight trippin."

Monday, December 17, 2007

I've haven't really been following the details of the writers strike but I know I support the Union. The news just mentioned that it will be interesting to see what actors cross the picket line to promote their movies/shows. I'm wondering if there will be spots filled by desperate musical guests. I always hated staying up late to catch a "musical guest" who was often given 1.5 songs. There are plenty of musicians who don't care about or don't think they deserve royalties for digital airplay...maybe there is some parallel between the negotiations for online content for the writers and musicians. I'm not thinking of this very deeply here, I'd like to talk about it though.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dual Cassette Deck with USB out
Dual tape deck with high speed dubbing, Stereo RCA input & output
AND USB out!!!!! ($149) (now if they would only throw in a way to record stereo OUT to cassette then I'd be totally sold...I know, RCA cable audio out from computer to audio in to tape deck...or transfer tapes to mp3s, burn cds, and then tape the cds....)

And I love this Former Rockstar t-shirt even though I wouldn't wear it. I know some people who could though.

(I'd also like to review products from these companies, hint hint, e-mail me)