Thursday, July 31, 2008

Awesome integration, you can now scrobble your Muxtapes on

This makes my workday so much more productive!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Evil fat worms got to my beautiful zucchinis so I'm only left with one plant on the other side of the garden. The corn is looking good. The tomatoes are a bit dried out so I'm trying to water more often, but there are tomatoes on each plant. The peppers are looking good, four plants with peppers on each. I'm not sure if they are bell peppers or long sweet peppers though, so I have to remember to ask my grandpa because some may be near ripe now. So far all I've gotten to eat is a few cherry tomatoes, sage (usually wrapped around chicken and broiled) and mint (mojitos! mint water that doesn't cost $2 a bottle!)

I'm excited to find the Siltbreeze catalog on eMusic as I sometimes have a hard time finding good stuff on there with 90 downloads a month. I got a Times New Viking album (Paisley Reich) and U.S. EZ's Sic Alps tonight. I'll have to load up the iPod and start using it again. I listened to the Melvin's Nude Boots when I was going to sleep the other night and I had to stay up and listen. Since the Melvins have started playing rock songs it's harder to block it out and have weird dreams like when I listen to Ozma.

Like my attempts at creating an indiepop zine, it soon digresses into other musical forms and random life experiences. There are plenty of music blogs out there. Find them. Or tell me about them.

I've taken it upon myself this summer to read War and Peace. Already I can tell you my brain isn't very good with stories with too many characters. It is a book to study though, and I wish I had a good old English class (or Russian Literature class) to help me along. Yet finding book resources IS something I can do guilt free at work, and if I figure out the story well enough to recommend it to one poor unsuspecting high school student then I'll be doing my job. I picked War and Peace because I was breezing through 200 page books every day, maybe every other day. This way I'll have a fair warning when I'm coming close to the end. I wish more literary fiction came in standard paperback size. Has anyone else been pretentious enough to read Infinite Jest? Che? That's not stuff that's fun to carry around the city with you.

I'm disappointed the Apples in Stereo/Earlimart/Poison Control Center show tomorrow night was canceled and they're honoring the tickets at the NJ show on Friday. Ridgewood NJ will be at least an hour away by train, and I hope I don't get stranded trying to get back. Actually, I do hope I get stranded and the band rescues me and I have to share a bed with ...... and go to the Philly show. I'll still get to see the Poison Control Center at Pianos tomorrow night so not all is lost. Still. Seeing the Apples in Brooklyn was going to be SO convenient, and I haven't seen them since last fall at the Housing Works Bookstore show in NYC and I was really looking forward to this for MONTHS. I bought my tickets the day they went on sale otherwise I might have said "ah, skip it, see em in Philly this weekend!"