Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I had a nice phone conversation w/Tim Alborn of (the sadly defunct) Harriet Records a few days ago. That was the final blessing I was seeking before being completely, madly, obsessively able to say what I've mentioned in passing, and not so much in detail.

October 2006 there will be an expanded 2cd set of Crayon's Brick Factory coming out on Yoyo. Pat Maley's been busy with his family, so I'm taking responsibilty (or blame!) for this one. This completes my destruction of all idealism relating to fans, bands, college radio, mix tapes, indie internships, and fanzines. Plus the suspention of disbelief that I should be using these skills to help the poor and suffering in some equally grand measure. All that love is now scheduled into practical matters like mastering analog cassettes for cd...and trying not to let my manic mind oversynthesize how a punk band from Bellingham and my information science classes are the most important things in the world. Actually, it seems like the Library of Congress might not disagree with the theory. But they're busy making sure Sonic Youth (#50) is preserved for all time.

Upcoming shows where you may see me:
Mt Eerie and June Madrona at the Yes Yes, Olympia WA Saturday April 22nd
Rose Melberg and Calvin Johnson at Valoria, Seattle WA Sunday April 23rd
Stephen Merritt, keynote address at EMP Pop Conference, Experience Music Project, Seattle WA, Thursday April 27th

And next month I'm hosting two shows:
Rose Melberg with Jenny Jenkins and Onyx at the Midnight Sun, Olympia WA 7:30PM $6
Team Dresch w/guests, Jakes on 4th, Olympia WA $5

So yeah, since Jenny is silly about not rocking MySpace, I reccomend you listen to Onyx. She apparently lost all her MySpace friends when her account was deleted for bullshit copyright accusations, but I hope to help bring her back again. I love this lady.

About a half hour after I read Onyx's MySpace fiasco I screamed when I saw Suede was playing at the Triple Door in Tacoma. Then I got a good look and realized it's the !@#$%^ who sued Suede and turned then into "The London Suede". Fuckin a, I just want a Brett Anderson fix.

And I want OCLC to fix the WorldCat entry that links Courtney Love of the International Pop Underground LP to Courtney Love-Cobain. I am SO headed for a cataloging career. At the very least I'm thinking of working on the zine library problem again someday (I didn't have anything to do with the one at Barnard, except for being pals with contributor Lauren Martin, who made me a mix tape that...well...damn, okay, you'll get the My Favorite story someday. Cherchez la femme.)

I don't want to define tweevil, but let's start with the statment that it first and foremost involves pop kids with punk hearts.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gravy Train!!! at the Yes Yes fullfilled every expectation I might have had. I won the "lunch lady" walk off, I made out with Junx, I had screamy back in the day conversations with VIP about Philly, I got on tonight's guest list.

And I've forgiven them for their excess punctuation.
!!! vs. Gravy Train!!! vs. The Go! Team vs. Panic! at the Disco...

makes me miss Therapy?

1. Crayon "Brick Factory" reissue on Yoyo in the fall. I'm at a loss
for words here. I'm going to listen to it again.
2. Team Dresch @ Jakes on 4th Ave in Olympia May 25th. Tour kickoff,
the best queer punk band ever, reuinited ...
3. Rose Melberg, Jenny Jenkins, and Onyx May 18th at the Midnight Sun
in Olympia . Triple bill of lady pop. Such amazing women, I'm in awe.

grad school? fantasy baseball?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Awesome. I just won tickets on Free Things Are Cool on KAOS to see Gravy Train!!! next week at the Yes Yes, and a cd and single.

So I retold the B&S Seattle story so many times I didn't post it here. Awesome times, Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill was on Free Radio Olympia when we left, after the show Stuart gave me the chair Sarah Martin used on the tour. So now I park my ass in a chair that's been onstage with Belle and Sebastian and try to do my library school homework. Fantasy Baseball? Horrible idea with grad school. Don't bother.