Monday, August 15, 2011

So what have I been up to as of late?

I'm entering lots of contests, getting free stuff on Freecycle, and working on my Tweevil Etsy site. I'm looking for full time work and the company that is helping me rewrite my resume is taking longer than expected. I did the unthinkable yesterday though, I made a ONE PAGE resume and sent it off to a job I really want. One page just seems so insignificant, but my cover letter was killer for a change.

What else?

A garden that won't bloom. Aphids ate my zucchini, so they're all scrapped. Worms at my garbage so I have compost. I ate the tiniest red pepper with two early girl tomatoes the size of cherries yesterday, and that might be my biggest haul this summer. What a waste. Oh yes, it's nice to have a garden, it is not nice to have containers on a second floor patio and notices from the safety inspector that you cannot put plants on the railing where they might actually get light (we finally turned the planters so they're inside the patio).

Oh look, a contest. I like contests, Fluffyland is giving away fabric!   Fluffyland is one of my favorite craft blogs for cute inspiration and ideas.  I need a better stash, so I'm totally in on this. And you should be too, if you're one of my crafty friends.