Monday, May 04, 2009

Sometimes I'm just asking to be humbled. Years of saying people shouldn't order books from Amazon and should support their local bookstores and what happens? I end up with a wheat allergy and find Amazon has the BEST selection of breads and other foods for my tummy. Some stuff I can find locally, but by locally I mean "in random natural food bodegas at 1AM when I've been drinking and don't notice I just paid $7 for a frozen dinner that should be $5 if I went through Fresh Direct". So I'm really excited to have my Annie's Rice Pasta and Cheese

Zee garden looks good. I put in corn and it popped right up. The lettuce and forget me nots I have no idea. I trust the dahlias and garlic are doing their thing underground.

And the damn SF Popfest MySpace page won't load but I'll be there.