Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Indie Rock Bingo Party Saturday in Philly

Hey folks, this Saturday I'll be hosting Indie Rock Bingo at Tritone in Philly. There will be some fun prizes, lots of bad jokes, and alcohol. Please come up and support this crazy idea. I'm just cutting and pasting Sara's announcement because I'm going to work but...

And the DJs, holy shit the DJs are frickin awesome. Not in the boom boom boom get up and dance way, but in the "wow that mix tape saved my life way". Which is a little strange to listen to in public, but whatever, life is better than it was in 94.



Indie Rock Bingo and afterparty

I'm pleased to collaborate on this unsual event with Courtney Bennett,
Philadelphia native, former Olympia resident, and indie-pop promoter
and fan. Bennett hosted Indie Rock Bingo at the NYC Popfest in May.
Instead of numbers and letters, there are tried and true symbols of
indie rock on the bingo cards: K Records, mary janes, a radio station,
a hand stamp, etc.

The afterparty is a fine collection of Philadelphia DJ's who
definitely have informed my taste over the years and used indie rock
as a jumping off point to do so many great things.

Indie Rock Bingo, 8-10
50 cents a round or 3 for $1
Hosted by Courtney Bennett

Afterparty at 10, free for bingo players or $5

DJ LARIS KRESLINS (uwishunu, Arthur, Sound Collector, Insound)

DJ KYLE ANDREWS (a.k.a. Ashy K, Johnny Brenda's, M Room)

DJ MON LU CONT (England Belongs to Twee)
Mon booked Team Dresch and Slant 6 at the Koresh Dance Studio and
Huggy Bear at a Y on North Broad Street!

DJ ANDREW CHALFEN (The Trolleyvox)