Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pop Show Oly Sunday

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Yeah I know it's during Bumbershoot, but the Sunday lineup really isn't that good. I mean, if you go Saturday and see Of Montreal, and then come to Oly Sunday and see these bands, it's like full out pop bliss weekend waiting to happen.

KJA and Casper are on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records, full of spirit and kindess alongside their musical prowess. That's why the tiger, they are cute and fierce, and boy can they sing. Go listen to their musics please because I can't write it justice. Josh and Jordan are the local boys sure to bring joy and song to you as well. Altogether it's going to be wonderful, of a caliber you dont' get to see every week in Oly. Maybe once a month a show this amazing happens where everything just comes together for fun and friendship and magic, I know this is going to be it.

Josh Kane
Jordan O' Jordan www.myspace.com/jordanojordanmusic
Keith John Adams (UK) www.myspace.com/keithjohnadams
Casper and the Cookies (Athens GA) www.myspace.com/casperthecookies

Sunday, September 3rd
8PM $5
All Ages
Olympia Eagles Hall
4th and Plum Streets

Sunday, August 13, 2006

bah. i'm supposed to blog about every amazing moment but right now i'm drinking a sparks between circulatory system and the apples in stereo and i'm so not up to writing anything of note. however, the first few nights of popfest are photographed here. and there will be more in a day or two. And maybe i can summarize the amazingness of the fest or maybe i'll let the pro journalists take their shot at it first. whatever. I fucking love popfest and this is the most amazing festival. It's not just indiepop, but there are a lot of pop bands I"ve seen. John Darnielle said this was one of the last vestiges of indie rock culture and I couldn't have put it better. There is no difference between the most amazing bands and the fans here. We are all hardcore. Maybe it was singing Minor Threat's Cashing In with Bunnygrunt or just the MOMENTS that can never be analyzed or summarized . The energy, the buzz, the creativity that is apparent in every second. Athens is my third home. "okay," pierre pauses here, he has to come up with an exciting conclusion, "did you bring up the fact this is a family reunion? I forget your name but I remember you, but the first night at the 40 Watt was a lot of people that were hugging because they are fans or people in bands who are no longer in Athens but they're coming back. This is a family reunion. I can't believe how fast you can type without looking. Okay, 90 words a minute. Perfect, it's really perfect. And Mike and Eric have done a wonderful job. They're gonna break even, and fuck, maybe there won't be a popfest next year" "no, they're already planning it." "I talked to mike about the future of popfest is still to be decided tomorrow, popfest next year. I have to be careful because courtney is typing everything I say. And we're chatting about old friends all over the country, which is the type of converstaion you can have at popfest..."

"and I love your natural editing."