Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gravy Train!!! at the Yes Yes fullfilled every expectation I might have had. I won the "lunch lady" walk off, I made out with Junx, I had screamy back in the day conversations with VIP about Philly, I got on tonight's guest list.

And I've forgiven them for their excess punctuation.
!!! vs. Gravy Train!!! vs. The Go! Team vs. Panic! at the Disco...

makes me miss Therapy?

1. Crayon "Brick Factory" reissue on Yoyo in the fall. I'm at a loss
for words here. I'm going to listen to it again.
2. Team Dresch @ Jakes on 4th Ave in Olympia May 25th. Tour kickoff,
the best queer punk band ever, reuinited ...
3. Rose Melberg, Jenny Jenkins, and Onyx May 18th at the Midnight Sun
in Olympia . Triple bill of lady pop. Such amazing women, I'm in awe.

grad school? fantasy baseball?

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