Thursday, May 11, 2006

Things got better. Domenica called and visited and told me how "Snaptight Wars" was the last song Jim played on his KAOS show. Jim and Brooks gave me permission (encouragement?) to put "Making You Tapes Is Better Than Sex" on this blog. So now, dear readers, you too can get messed up in the drama of

That Stupid Club- Making You Tapes Is Better Than Sex

Is there a term for people who stay on college radio ten years after they finish college or is this a 21st century phenomenon? Somehow this led me to list of dated song lyrics.

Songs by guys I've dated is next, just kidding. I was describing that imaginary mix for Erin at Rec the Place yesterday, it's would be hysterical to make..."la la la la" song followed by "what the hell is this NOISE?" followed by some "ba ba ba ba" ditty and then "what the hell is THIS, noise?" and some "sha-la la la" song and "what the hell IS this noise?"

Hahaha I feel like I'm following the script of Too Much Too Late right now.

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