Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Life Changing Breakfast

Oh wow. Since that last post.

1. I won the fabric from Fluffyland. It's wonderful. I haven't decided what to make with it yet, but the large piece of floral fabric is perfect for covering my table for craft fairs.

2. I got the job. Srsly. It's been life changing. I get to hang out with a rad band, I went on tour, I work with all their digital distribution accounts, I order/organize and sell the merch, and whatever other random things come up.

It's pretty simple, going to grad school online and studying digital information management DID NOT prepare me for public library work as much as it did of my simple, true dream "to help independent bands navigate the digital music industry". For a while that was sort of a "good luck getting paid doing that Court" so I said "okay, I'll do the 6-18 month old story time every week"...the funny thing is, I came around to loving the story times. I still had a magic number where if the crowd was over, oh, 35 people I was less happy than performing for 15...I know the statistics are good, and I can still do it, but you really lose something trying to entertain/educate so many kids at once, and I'll leave the details of that argument to the teachers and parents.

Wait, did I just go off on a tangent about the library again. Go figure. I was really here to show you what I ate for breakfast this morning. I ate noodles for breakfast! 2011-12-07_09-12-18_628.jpg I wasn't sure, I didn't want cereal or eggs or sausages or toast, but I was making Oolong Tea and looking for lunch (which is usually a frozen Safeway Select meal, not too exciting, but usually around 300 cals) when I realized, hmmm, these noodles require boiling, and I don't like cooking at work (except for my copious tea consumption) so maybe I'll eat them for breakfast. Yummy yummy yummy idea! Also, I'm the kind of woman who keeps tea bags in her purse and has a tea drawer at home. See, it's not
quite full right now:


You might see the Dieter's tea in there. Yes, it makes you go to the bathroom. I've read a lot of stories online, and there is no set time it makes you with that warning, I only drink it on days I 1. overate while eating out 2. don't really have much planned for the next 24 hours. It does taste good, sorta a roasted field grass black tea taste.

And finally, since I keep eyeing the Keuring and thinking "oooh, I could save money on coffee"....I mostly love my HotShot. The only thing that drives me crazy is the old ones used to have the "heat" and "dispense" buttons on the front, so almost everytime I use it I hit "dispense" instead of "heat" on the first try. I rarely use the French Press, this is how lazy I can be, I usually get my coffee (black, no sugar, no cream) at Jack in the Box so I don't have to park and get out of my car. Yes, this is from a woman who never went to Starbucks by herself until two weeks ago (and I only bought something because I was terribly embarrassed that I had to ask if there was a bathroom key, and I didn't want to be a jerk to the employees, even though I know Starbucks isn't the WORST place to work...I just managed to avoid going there unless someone else insisted, for instance, Starbucks does have clean bathrooms when you're travelling). Okay, so a picture of my HotShot and the rarely used French Press.


Good morning anyone!

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