Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Letter to Olympia:

Go have your heart broken, be saved, experience joy:
Friday at The Capitol Theater
Saturday LooksGood To Me
Chris Bathgate
Calvin Johnson
The Cave Singers
at the Capitol Theater Backstage
and it's been a long time since the Backstage had a good pop show. GO GO GO

costs? I'm sad, no flyer for me, someone take a picture PLEASE

Fair warning, Fred Thomas does a lovely cover of Belle and Sebastian's "Like Dylan in the Movies". In fact, his Polyvinyl releases achieve that soul sound Stuart Murdock has been trying to find. Now he's giving it up for his own voice, probably no lovely lass on this leg of the tour, which has a kind of awkwardness and joy that makes him so damn charming. And I love his teeth, his teeth are adorable. AHHHHH!!!!! (I went to Chicago to stalk Tullycraft btw, seeing SLGTM was just a really awesome bonus)

I haven't seen The Cave Singers yet, but please let me know how they are live. I'm very much looking forward to seeing them in Philly with Xiu Xiu and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone next month.

Courtney <3's Fred


Brandon said...

Chris Bathgate is a jaw-droppingly amazing songwriter and performer as well. I'm serious. See him. Lots of video footage here if you don't believe me, including footage from his performace at Fred Thomas' farewell show from Michigan last year. (certainly not indie-pop... more like dark and needle-sharp Oldhamesque indie-folk. Also, women swoon. Really. And men.)

Brandon said...


He was voted best solo act and his label voted best record label in today's Real Detroit Weekly.

Okay, you believe me now, I'll shut up.