Wednesday, June 14, 2006

With much delight Tullycraft have decided to enter the 21st century with wacky blogginess. Check out those beards.

My attempt to document the joy this band brings to my life is contained in my Tullycraft photo set.

Also, new recordings in the works, at least two Tullycraft shows this summer.

Saturday, July 8th @ The Sunset Tavern w/ Racetrack, and Parenthetical Girls
Saturday, August 5th @ The Sunset Tavern (Ballard)w/ Boat

And in other pop news, Casper and the Cookies and Keith John Adams will be making their way across the country all the way to my lovely town of Olympia in September. I'm thinking an afternoon barbeque show followed by something on KAOS that night if possible, but we'll see how it actually pans out.

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