Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm hijacking this blog to write about gardening this summer.

In the backyard I have:

1 pink bleeding heart (no flowers yet)


zucchini (flowered today! OMG we're going to have a lot of zucchini in a few weeks)

tomatoes (killed two when they got blown over and broke, one has BABY TOMATOES on it already, 2 others are growing but no tomatoes yet)

lettuce (seems to be recovering from its sleepover in the library. perking up a bit.
looks too big for the container and i'm wondering how fast it will grow when I get it in the ground)

peppers (4 plants green peppers. 4 plants can get really big, same with the tomatoes)

I weeded this weekend and have a big pile of compostable stuff in the back corner. I should bag it up and find someplace I can take it. Also considered getting worms and turning it into a compost pile. i wonder if the landlord would notice.

the garden isn't perfectly weeded but I figured I would just pull out stuff as I dug it up and the rest I could grab whenever it got in my way.

i also fixed my computer and synched it up with my phone. so while my regular digital camera is in the hospital on warranty for a few weeks, at least i have my camera phone.


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