Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Apples in Stereo / Earlimart / Poison Control Center
at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple
July 31 2008


I'd honestly been daydreaming about the Apples way too much recently. With Poison Control Center opening? PCC is one of my favorite touring bands I ever saw at Athens Popfest. And there was this time Patrick serenaded this girl on his knees with an acoustic guitar at Little Kings, that was one of the most romantic things I've ever seen at a Popfest.

I got all excited that the DJ on WPRB was playing the Cannanes but it turned out the stream was interrupted and skipped to the next track in my music library.

Tomorrow is the Carrots at Cakeshop for the final Corduroy. I'm so sad we're losing this Thursday night danceparty. The Carrots from Austin TX play wonderfully cheeky girl group pop. DJ's Andi and Jennifer spin girl groups all night. I'll just steal their bio from their MySpace.

"Jennifer K. was the former hostess of the longtime indiepop radio show Ear Candy on KOOP's 91.7fm in Austin, Texas. She also deejayed many club nights, parties, and events around Austin before relocating to Brooklyn in November 2007.

Andi V. was a singer and keyboardist in the late indie new wave band My Favorite. By day, she librarians with children."

See you there?

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