Wednesday, March 22, 2006

(reposted, as I was trying not to say Belle and Sebastian so much that I inadvertently wrote this without even mentioning what I was talking about)
Thursday- Portland, Oregon
Friday- Vancouver, British Columbia
Saturday- Seattle, Washington

Pop music and mania is like a chicken and an egg in my brain. Do I take on grandious adventures because I'm going through a manic episode, or does the promise of music, adventure, and romance induce such a state?

The Vancouver show involves the most risk. The show was sold out weeks before it was announced that Rose Melberg is the opening act. I had bought tickets for the Seattle show the morning they went on sale, but since I don't care for the New Pornographers, I wasn't planning on going out of my way to attend any of the other Northwest shows.

But after I won a ticket for the Vancouver show via eBay (yet still having anxieties about getting the ticket due to some PayPal wierdness) I thought fondly of my first Softies was an instore in Swarthmore PA and I went home with a boy for vegan dinner because he was adorable and had a Lois badge on his sweater. He snuck us into the show at the college later, where I was honestly more interested in seeing Cold Cold Hearts. After the show we went back to his house and tried to watch a film, something French and he was probably trying to turn me onto Godard at an impressionable age, but I left in the middle of the night with my virginity intact because the whole fantasy of meeting an adorable pop boy, who ran an amazing label, and played me Elliot Smith songs on his guitar, well, it was too much...too much...

(new Stephen Merritt (evil S just reminded me that Morrissey and Merritt both require double consonants, as I simulatneously misspelled Stephen Merritt's name and caught the typo on the Morrissey ad on My Space...where you can listen to the whole "Ringleader of the Tormentors" album now by clicking on said misspelled ad), In China Said the Moon, on Oooooh! on KAOS...funny when I turned on the radio to see if it was Jenny or Domenica's week I heard the dancey bits and immediately knew it was Domenica...)

okay, more adventures to come

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Domenica said...

Yes, it was undoubtedly myself.