Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Okay, I thought I may be able to make a "blog" but with a zinester heart I see there isn't much hope of me avoiding writing with "too much information" and an absolute lack of "professionalism"...which is probably why I love to write but I've never been able to get myself on track as a professional freelancer

Three nights of Belle and Sebastian. I'm still catching up on sleep, so I may have to write this in fragments to get the whole story out. If you desire such ridiculousness, please click on the link to my flickr account where you may piece together bits of my adventures.

I heard "Your Cover's Blown" from the Books EP which I don't own. Despite what seems like fantatacism, there are times when I barely pay attention to the band and miss entire "important" happenings.

For the encore, Stuart asked the audience what songs they wanted to hear. An adorable girl in black knee high socks and a red schoolgirl skirt (as opposed to my white knee high socks and a purple schoolgirl skirt) requested Lazy Line Painter Jane. And then went onstage to sing with them! Okay, that does not do Amy justice, she has a beautiful voice and was thrilled to be "that girl".

After the show I found myself waiting by the backstage gate with a few other fans including Miss Amy. Despite my dirty dreams, I don't know why I really stand there sometimes. I like to hear the stories of the hardcore fans, the ones who traveled the furthest and have seen the band the most, or have the best stories to tell of their devotion. My obsession is probably 50% the fans, 30% the music, and 20% the band/mythology...then there is a whole other level I can only describe as "spiritual", like just now, I was looking at the tour poster illustration with the Bob Dylan print dress in the shop window and "To Ramona" by Bob Dylan came on the radio (as played by the Flying Burrito Brothers, who were friends with my groupie idol Pamela DesBarres, who also loves Dylan...well, I'm not sure what to read into it, but maybe I'm learning, but I need a teacher))...

Sam Coones and Janet Weiss from Quasi (or Sleater Kinney) and Corin Tucker tried to duck out of the backstage area, but at least one fan caught each for a photo. There is something hard for me to comprehend that SK are probably more famous than Belle and Sebastian in some ways, or some places.

Like how oodles of B&S fans had been to the Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab For Cutie show the night before...now, I like both bands, but I actually buy and listen to Death Cab albums. I don't have a TV so I don't know which band is on MTV or the WB more, and they both seem to get a fair number of magazine covers.

Anyway, there were jokes made that all of the above (DCFC, FF, SK/Q, B&S) went out for karaoke the night before.

After photos were taken and autographs signed, the little crowd broke up. I found myself in the awkward position of walking next to Stuart as my car was in the same direction he was heading. I made small talk, told him I'd be at the Vancouver show, and said goodnight.

I couldn't sleep. I ended up talking to my mother on the East Coast and having a very sweet conversation about whether or not she wants to meet her favorite singer, James Taylor. She's not much of a fan girl, except for a rather frightening Seinfield phase where I actually took issue with her "imaginary friends" because she would forget to tell me she was recounting funny things from a television show and didn't really know a wacky lady named Eileen that reminded her of me. I really hope she does meet James Taylor (she has a friend that works for him and can get backstage passes, it doesn't involve any wierdness or effort on her part). I can't imagine someone that successful wouldn't have a bad reputation if he deserved one (granted, maybe I should google some fan sights before I say that, she really doesn't want to be dissapointed if he's an asshole)

Later gators!

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