Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No Hope for the Humanity

What I listened to today:
Arab Spring by Literature
was a free download a few days ago, now Name Your Price. That pleasant orchestral folk pop that came in with Belle and Sebastian and went out with the Slumberland revival was recommended by the band Pet Milk, a side project of Brown Recluse, a band who somehow managed to be both Belle and Sebastian revivalists and put an album out on Slumberland. The guitars and drums are outstanding.

Beelzebubba by The Dead Milkmen
A 25 cent cassette in a borrowed Lexus. Did you know the 2010 Lexus SC 430 was the last car to offer cassette players as a factory option? Listening with a friend from Philly who never listened to the Dead Milkmen, even I thought the album could use some serious remastering. It sounds nothing like the two Dead Milkmen shows I was lucky enough to see; the first being their last show in 1994, and then this one at the Athens Popfest in October

bleh, I almost started a Google Hangout to see if anyone wanted to watch the video with me, but after linking this account w/Google + (do any heavy Gmail users have only one account?) I realized it was a stupid idea. Maybe in THE FUTURE.

THE FUTURE may as well be today, when I set up the iPad my mom got for Christmas so that she can 1. FaceTime with her grandson 2. display lots of photos of her grandson....for the record, she found Skype too complicated because it involved buying a camera for her computer but she loves texting and was awesome with Twitter until somehow her account got disconnected...hopefully she'll start up again with the app.

Without my parents reading my blog my dad mentioned that Jersey Boys was probably a Tony Winner because it hit the nostalgic sweet spot for baby boomers. Before I say no shit sherlock, I'd really like to see The Buddy Holly Story when it comes to Philadelphia in the Spring.

If the ladies at Chickfactor could just announce who is playing their little Spring shindig then maybe I could make my vacation plans! At this rate I'll be flying home to see my new nephew Lorenzo and then feeling like a shitty aunt when I get on the train to catch the shows at the last minute. Then again, if it was a secret party with excellent bands it would be so much more like Chickfactor.

Then on the way home listening to Blue Collar Comedy Radio on Sirius I was unfortunately exposed to this piece of homophobic comedy:

Really? I have to share a planet with these people? It only gets better when you read the comments...there is no hope for the human race. That's why I think I compulsively attend the festivals and shows I do, so that for a few precious hours I am surrounded by people I love and bands I love and I can pretend the rest of the world, the problems and the people, just go away.

I'm sorry I felt I had to post that. I'm going to listen to Rodney Crowell's Earthbound on repeat for a few hours so I can cleanse my ears with positive country music.

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