Monday, March 09, 2009

1. I finally put my GBV Box on iTunes. I'm quite satisfied with myself that I bought it when it came out, in 1995, meaning I was sixteen.

2. In the living room, only the Daydream Nation box set is in rotation

3. I'm reading Rip It Up And Start Again and realized I still hadn't listened to the Desperate Bicycles. Luckily someone put up their complete discography so I'm trying to make up for lost time

4. I made it out to the Yoo Doo Faire at Cake Shop but there weren't enough records. Right when I'm reading a book that will clue me into dozens of bands that will look impressive on my record shelf. Seriously. When someone comes over, what do I want to show off?

5. My birthday houseguests embarrassed me when I realized Murray Street was the only SY album I had on vinyl. Hence the Daydream Nation box set purchase. I'm not sure how far I want to take this. The truth is all my early Sonic Youth albums were on cassette and I never upgraded or downloaded replacements.

6. Also reading Perfect from Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life. While he complains in a footnote about girls liking bands for being cute, it really has me wanting to write my personal history of indie rock.

7. Some of the characters: Bikini Kill, Calvin Johnson, Rose Melberg, Lois Maffeo, Al Larsen, Kimya Dawson, Tullycraft, Kindercore, K, Kill Rock Stars, Magic Marker Records, Elliott Smith, Belle and Sebastian, Huggy Bear, Sleater-Kinney. Except his book is all about falling in love with albums (so far, I think the Guided By Voices bit is gonna get ugly) and mine is about having this wonderful twisted fan/musician/friend thing that makes my memories go something like "I was so crushed out on Carrie Brownstein that whenever I saw her I'd get dizzy, but somehow when I saw her on campus I asked her to sign the petition for something that was important enough for me to be collecting signatures for my freshman year. Afterward, I retreated to my dorm room and put more glitter on her shrine."

8. I'm doing the thing now as agentramona. Add me.

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