Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hey, this was on Kimya Dawson's MySpace blog and she gave me permission to repost it here:

"When we said yes to Conan I had TOTALLY forgotten about the writers' strike!!! It took a wise man named John Darnielle to email me and remind me.

Then I went and read THIS.

Then I emailed Rhino and Adam and told them I am not interested in crossing picket lines. Playing outside for those picketing, YES.

Walking past them and going on in which would be SUCH a snub with a big old implied "eff you guys- this is our big chance to do something I feel pretty weird about doing in the first place". So not worth it.

I guess now I wait for Adam and the Rhinos to write back and see what they say.

Oh, and...I have been up all night. I learned the hard way not to take a double dose of Emergen-C before bed. And especially don't give a sip to the baby.

Straight trippin."

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