Monday, March 05, 2007

As amazing as The Secret History were at Cakeshop on Friday night, I am too tired to write a public piece on my experience so instead, I distract you with my big Flickr project for the evening:

My Mom with the Casualties in 1995

The Casualties

Okay, this might be the funniest picture ever. See, my parents were driving up to Boston to pick me up from a Sonic Youth show (Helium opened btw, Bikini Kill was supposed to and cancelled). My mom saw this punk band in the parking lot of a rest stop and asked if they were Sonic Youth. "No," Jorges said, "we're the Casualties!" "My daughter has probably heard of you, can I get my picture taken with you?" And that is how I got a picture of my mommy with the Casualties.

Like mother like daughter I suppose, as the dorky photos of me with Superchunk at Princeton University attest to, this was May 5 1996
scan0001 Also in that set are some far away photos of the Magnetic Fields, as I was really nervous we were going to be busted for being trespassing high school students at the show.

Evidence that the Cakeshop is my least favorite venue to take photos in even though I adored The Secret History last Friday night:
The Secret History at Cakeshop

Sleater Kinney Setlist from 4/6/96 (pre-Janet) at the Unitarian Church in Philly:

And since this is so much about 1996, let's take a look at me around that time in my natural habitat, photocopying my zine at Office Max.

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