Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I bought a last minute ticket to see Jonathan Richman tomorrow night in Philly.

I was reminded of just how many amazing memories I have of 2006, and they all come in snapshots, ink polaroids if you will....

The last night of Lakefair, sitting on the roof of Lois' shed with my friend Seth and Al Larsen, watching the fireworks and talking about pop music and YouTube.

Al mentioned this video of Jonathan performing in Berkley in 1981

Yes, the movie of my life will be made of rock videos of people you've never heard of but will always remember.
On a slightly related note, I'm going to Chicago to see Apples in Stereo, Casper and the Cookies, and Tullycraft. Because I do stupid stuff like that. Because I really like the way Rob Schnieder carried a notebook around like Harriet the Spy. Because Tullycraft and me is "like having a pet, but I'm not sure who is the pet and who is the owner" (thanks Kardhym!). Because Jason and Kay are the sweetest. I'm so there.

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