Monday, June 12, 2006

If anyone is morbidly following the truck crash story Matt has posted more info, links to his Flickr photos of the accident etc. A benefit show is in the works (of course).

Also, I am ALMOST done with school for this term. I am taking my time with this final, but as soon as the final is done I can get back to life. I'm looking forward to #1 Sonic Youth on June 30th in Seattle, and the fantabulous Fishboy show I'll be putting on July 21st in Olympia. And ATHENS Popfest.

For those of you who know I keep other blogs, I was thinking about moving to the East Coast. Now that school stress has died down I'm thinking of sticking around, not taking so many classes at once, and just enjoying all the things I get to do here LIKE put on shows, wear jeans to work, and pay less than $500 a month for a really nice apartment. Something about the sunshine, the farmers market, the little treasures I find on the ground (last night I found a glittery magic wand, today an unused sage smudge stick) has me feeling better.

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