Thursday, May 25, 2006

Charity and Popfests

Autographed Disposible Cameras with photos from celebrities For MIX NYC, a Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. I'm impressed with both the concept and the "celebrities" that agreed to do it...although "celebrity" seems a bit pompous, or something...J.D. from Le Tigre, Daniella Sea from the Gr'ups/Cypher in the Snow/the L Word, porn star Alan Cummings, Jon from Pansy Division, Vaginal Davis, author Jonathan Letham etc. basically people I find fascinating...

Mark Rothkop's Ride Across America to raise money for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Alternately, you can order yourself some goodies from his label Magic Marker and they'll donate 20% of the sale (I suggest Tullycraft, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Dear Nora, Boy Crazy, the first Kissing Book...okay, it's ALL really good)


The lineup for What the Heck Fest has been announced. I am seriously reconsidering pursuing a career that requires working nights and weekends. I will not be there.

Homo A Gogo is happening again this year. I'm excited to see Tender Forever (because she moved back to France) and Vaginal Davis (who I saw ten years ago at the DirtyBird Queercore Festival in SF and, well, never forgot) . I'll probably be working the concessions booth and making out with people from out of town.

I will however, be at the Athens Popfest although I am getting worried about the lack of lineup announcements, at the very least the Mountain Goats have been confirmed.

And I'm doing my best to make it to the New England Popfest because it really would make me incredibly sad to miss all those bands.

Is it just me or is the tone of this post really uneven?

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